Enter a Free Giveaway!!!

Want to win a FREE copy of my novel, ANGEL-LOVER?

(Note: Thematic young adult material)


LIKE this post and receive one entry into the contest.

LEAVE A COMMENT about why you should win the book Angel-Lover on this post and receive two extra entry points. (One comment per contestant.)
ADDITIONAL BONUS: The contestant with the most compelling comment will receive an additional free copy of Angel-Lover!!!
COPY and PASTE this contest info and post on your own blog.  Copy the link to your blog post, containing this contest info, into the comments section of this post and receive TWENTY entry points.
ADDITIONAL BONUS: For each and every like or comment on the post shared on your OWN blog, receive an additional two points for each contestant who enters through your shared post!
BUY a copy of Angel-Lover (During the contest and for ONE week afterwards, Angel-Lover will be 15% off!!!) and post your confirmation code at checkout into the comments section of this post and receive FIFTY ENTRY POINTS in this contest! (Fifty points for each copy of Angel-Lover bought.)
Contest starts NOW and ends one week from today: Sunday, October 14, 2012 at midnight CST.
Remember, for one week after, until the 21st, Angel-Lover will be 15% off! Buy one for a friend and win one for yourself!
Like, copy and paste onto your own blog, and leave those compelling comments!!!

5 thoughts on “Enter a Free Giveaway!!!

  1. Compelling [kuhm-pel-ing]
    1. to compel, to overpower in regard to reason
    2. to have a powerful or irresistible effect
    3. to require acute admiration, attention, or respect.

    Lydia’s reasons for wanting a free copy of “Angel-Lover” were so compelling, that RJ could not resist giving it to her.



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