The Story of My Friend Problems


I’m not going to name any names, but I think it’s good for me to share, especially with you young unmarried – or newly married – girls what you could very well find yourself getting into.


I’d like to share what I’ve been through and what I’ve learned.

For a little over two years, I had these friends.  We lived close, we went to the same church, and we did a lot of things together.  I was pretty clingy and could be controlling, I admit, but it’s not my fault for what they put me through.  I think it’s normal for these type of girls.

They were drop-dead gorgeous.  Everyone was remarking on how beautiful they were.  Some times it was nice to be associated with them because of this.  It made ME feel complimented!

They definitely, at times, treated me like their best friend, but, at other times, shunned me.  Some times I think they only put up with me to hang out with Brad.  😦  That wasn’t a pleasant thought.  Often times they acted totally different in front of my husband too, like he thought they were sweet girls when he didn’t see what went on when I was off doing girl things with them.

They tended to call me in the middle of the night – all hours of the night – some times just being snarky and catty.  They were SO emotional!  I mean, I know girls are, but this was over the top!  Some times they called me even to complain about each other!  Pitting me against each other tore me in two!  I was often just keeping the peace.  However, other times, they were like joined at the hip and I couldn’t even get close to their inner circle.  They’d pull pranks together, get in trouble, and ignored or lashed out at me because I tried to be the “good girl” and stop them.

They loved to eat my food too.  Like, they’d be sitting on the couch at my parents’ house or mine (later on) taking food off of my very person!  I’m sorry, but that’s kinda mine!

When we’d be out shopping, they’d make me foot the bill because they had no cash.  They owned tons of nice clothes, but I was always covering the cost of new ones for them.  I thought I was being a good friend.  I really cared about them.

One of them had tons of health problems.  I know quite a few were real, but some were so made up it wasn’t even funny.

When I’d ask to pray for their concerns or needs, they hardly paid attention.  And I worked so hard on that.  I shared the gospel with them a ton.

I’ve just really never seen a more selfish pair of people in all of the humans I’ve met.

And yet, I was in such a unique position to help them, to share about the Lord with them, and to serve them.  Even if they never served back and couldn’t care less about my needs.  See, the thing is, no matter how much they sinned against me or how self-serving and narcissistic they were… I love them.  I love them more than anyone else on the planet beside Brad.



Why did I put up with these girls, you ask?



Oh yeah, I forgot to include one detail: these friends are also known as “my children.”


It laughed to myself so hard as I wrote this – come on, you know you’re smiling now too!  If we adults behaved the way children do out in the real world and to others, we’d probably end up in prison.  Like for assault and battery, thievery, or slander.  *wink*  Hee hee  You know it!

But I was struck with the fact that I do all of the above, and worse, to my Lord God.  To Him I am nothing but selfish.  I commit the same sins over and over again and demand His gifts and blessings.  I fuss and whine and am so incredibly stupid, in my little finite brain.  And yet He loves, and loves, and loves.

I think parenting makes Him sit and smile – maybe even laugh – because we’re getting a minor taste of what we’ve put Him through.  And that deep well of affection and devotion you feel for those crazy little monsters?  That’s only a taste of how God loves you too.

But don’t forget to hug a mother today.  Mother’s Day is in a month – some great gifts wouldn’t hurt as well.  😉

7 thoughts on “The Story of My Friend Problems

  1. Hahaha! This made me grin. So funny, and something I was thinking about just today, too! It’s amazing how humbling parenting is because it reminds us that we are God’s children, and all that whining our kids do is nothing compared to the amount of internal whining we do to God sometimes. 😉


  2. Our family is still in the growing stage (as in growing in number). But I have a feeling the personal growing for me has only begun. You stretch in ways you didn’t even know existed.


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