Rest and Reach?

I was writing the following down in a quick Facebook message to a friend (you know who you are, my dear fellow mother/peer), when I just decided to publicly share it instead. 


I’m veFAM_SYRINGE_BULB_2_OZ-7122ry discouraged right now.  I’m discouraged about the state of certain people I love, at times my own sinful state, etc.
I feel like God is telling me I just need to rest in Him and that I can’t make things right myself, however I don’t know how to rest and wait patiently while still proactively talking to these people and showing them that I care, challenging them, and reaching out.  I don’t know how to rest and reach.  At the same time.

I feel like God gave me the example of the bulb syringe.  My baby daughters are so helpless.  They’ll be entirely congested, where they can’t breathe a bit out of their noses.  But they’re entirely helpless and can do nothing for themselves.  Even though the bulb syringe is often painless and merciful, they act like it’s big and scary.  They writhe and squirm and make the whole process so much longer and more frightening.  I tell them, the whole time, “Hold still.  Sit still.  Relax.” 

If only they knew what I did.  If only they could see I’m making it better.  If only they realized it will be better when I’m done.

Similarly, I am helpless to know how to fix problems in my life or in others’.  I can’t even blow my own nose, let alone someone else’s.  And I often fight God’s bulb syringe in my life and theirs, even though it is the perfect solution to my problem.  To my loved ones’ problems.

But how do I rest, how do I let God do His work, and still let Him use me?  How do I not become like someone I know, who seems not to care, who won’t shed a tear for someone else’s pain?  How do I rest and reach?

Does someone know who can teach me?

3 thoughts on “Rest and Reach?

  1. How do you rest and reach? By resting in God’s perfect providence and His amazingly incomprehensible sovereignty over all things ~ and by reaching out to others in love with no personal expectations of what they can do for you or how they make you feel at times. Granted, easier said than done ~ but those are our marching orders nonetheless, and they’re perfect! Even *better* than a bulb syringe! The obedience lies with us; the results, with Him.

    I like your analogy! If we knew ~ I mean really knew ~ what God was up to with the various providences in our lives, we’d rest passively will He wields His bulb syringe. But we don’t. And that’s why it’s called faith.


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