Annual Husband Evaluation

How maLoveDrsny of you have had your A.H.E. this year?  It’s an important annual exam.  It hurts quite a bit, but it sure is good for you, if you’d only go get checked!

This year, I decided to write my own for my husband.  You can copy mine, if you want, or write your own.  I’m eager to see what he says and to be given my evaluation.  Not that it’s at all pleasant, but I sure do look forward to improving in the way I treat him this year so that our marriage can continue to grow and improve.  I look forward to removing irritations and dishonor from his life that might be coming from me!

Here are eight questions I’m going to print out and let him answer about me:


1. RJ disrespects me in the following ways:


2. RJ irritates me in the following ways:


3. RJ has stopped improving (has spiritually gone stagnant) in the following ways:


4. RJ is a bad example (to our daughters or church friends) in the following ways:


5. RJ has not listened to (or has forgotten) what I’ve said to her/these things about me:


6. RJ hurts my feelings/makes me sad/wounds me in the following ways:


7. I just wish RJ would do the following for me:


8: I wish I could say the following to RJ out loud, but haven’t been able to/is afraid of what she’ll think or say/don’t want to anger or upset her:



Happy check-up!  Praying about mine!  You can pray for me too.  All marriages needed a heaping dose of prayer.  I’m so glad that I’m married to the wonderful man God gave me.  I want to be wonderful to him in return.  ❤

4 thoughts on “Annual Husband Evaluation

  1. This is a gutsy idea. I wonder, though, if it could be a little too harsh. You’ve left him no room to tell you what you are doing well in any of these areas. When you get an annual evaluation at work, they usually try to tell you both what you’re doing well AND where you can improve. Knowing both, I think, actually helps you do better.


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