A Plea to Children

We finished up a week of VBS tonight with an emphasis on knights, princesses, and the armor of God.  What I wished I could tell all of the kids tonight was,

Look around you. You have no idea what horrible sins the person on your right has committed or is going to commit. You have no idea what terrible sins the person on your left has committed. Now look at yourself. You have the same capability for such sins. You know what’s the only thing that’s going to keep you from truly destroying your life due to sin? A deep, personal, DAILY, faithful, prayerful relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know why you need this armor you learned about? Not because silly girls in white dresses, who couldn’t look scary to save their lives, are going to come at you with paper airplanes.  Not because you’ll ever probably be in a real flesh and blood battle. No, you need the belt of TRUTH, the gospel of PEACE, the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS, etc. because you have the capacity to become the next “greatest of sinners” apart from Jesus Christ. It’s a scary world out there, but you, yourself, are the scariest thing in it. Be scared of your own heart and capacity to sin more than anything. You need that armor EVERY. SINGLE. DAY as you cling to Jesus Christ better than a best friend. You need that to SURVIVE in this world. So don’t forget. Don’t leave your knees. Don’t unclasp your prayerful hands. Don’t take your eyes off of heaven. Be safe. Be strong. Be pure. You are loved more than you can ever know by a Savior who died for that grime in your heart.

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