SIN: In Pictures

WARNING: This post shows, in pictures and links, the dirty truth about sin.

(Please click on and read the accompanying links, highlighted in pink, on some of the statistics and facts about these sins.)


The world and Hollywood tells you that, if you LIE and hold back the truth, your life will look like this:

spoiled child
Everything you could ever want – all of life going your way.

But in reality, liars look like this:


No one trusts them, no one wants to be with them.  They don’t hold down jobs, they can’t keep friends, and they are alone.

The world and Hollywood tell you that walking around HATING someone, bitterly carrying a grudge, and taking revenge over something that you deserve to be angry about will make you feel like this:


But in reality, you look like this:


It leaves you in bondage to the other person, a literal slave of the one you hate so much.

The world and Hollywood tells you that, if you DRINK ALCOHOL you will look like this:


But in reality, drunkards look like this:

Cavendish Press - Manchester

This is the real photo of a woman who destroyed her skin, eyes, face, and life because of alcohol.  She also can’t hold down a job or take care of her family.  She is headed for an early death, and she could end up killing someone while out driving drunk in the meantime.

The world and Hollywood tells you that, if you have PREMARITAL SEX you will feel like this:


But in reality, you will probably look like this:


34% of teenagers end up in an unplanned pregnancy.

The world and Hollywood tells you that GAMBLERS have to strike it rich some time.  Keep trying and you’ll soon succeed.  Think of all the money you could have.


But in reality, you look like this:

Gambling leaves 1 to 2 million people destitute, while crippling a major portion of the rest of its victims.

The world and Hollywood tells you that ADULTERY and affairs are beautiful things, leaving you to be with the person you love, making your life look like this scene from a popular old movie:


But in reality, this face could haunt you for the rest of your life:


The statistics on children, growing up in broken homes, who are incarcerated, in poverty, take drugs, and are academically challenged is staggering.

The world tells you that, if you’re HOMOSEXUAL, your life could look like this:

But in reality, you could look like this:

80% of AIDS is spread through gay men.  This is merely a picture of herpes on the mouth.  You are much more likely to have this in other, much less pleasant places.  These diseases often kill you.

The world and Hollywood says that ABORTING the unwanted child within you leads to freedom that feels like this:


But in reality, it looks like this:


A very dead, very real human baby.  And knowing for the rest of your life that you murdered your own child.  I could have found much more hideous pictures about abortion procedures, but looking at them led me to sick, angry tears.  You can click this link at your own risk.

Sin is REAL.

Its consequences are ignored in movies and media.  But God will not be mocked.  What a man reaps, he will sow.  (Galatians 6:7)  God will punish those who disobey Him, but extends love and mercy to those who repent and run to Him to rule over their life instead.

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