World’s Worst Psychopath – With a Surprise Ending

(Warning: Graphic content as to a sexual, criminal nature)





Just read an entire article (I really don’t know why.  I followed a link from an email about pinpointing psychopaths…) about a serial killer, homosexual who raped, murdered, and dismembered his male victims, some times children.

Again, no idea why I was reading about this…

As I’m reading,  I’m getting more and more angry, more and more sickened, and then I get to the end where it says, “Before being killed by a fellow inmate, Jeffrey Dahmer became a born-again Christian.”




After extensively googling said conversion, it seems like all of the pastors around him, as well as his Christian family, believed it to be true.
I must tell you, my initial thoughts were not pretty.  I was appalled at how much angrier I got upon reading this.  As one person said, in an article attached to his salvation: “If Dahmer is in heaven, I don’t want to be there.”  My thoughts borderlined on this kind of judgmental and unchristlike thinking.


Yes, his sins were probably as vulgar as any human can get, but, without Christ, and with the devil given free-reign in our hearts, could any of us have gotten there?  What do you think?  Could everyone get to be as bad as a Hitler, Genghis Khan, or a Jeffrey Dahmer?


All I know is: We are ALL VILE sinners.  Everything we do is repugnant to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Everything we do deserves hell.  Each of our salvation stories were undeserved, blatant miracles.  Should we not see that the repentance of a homosexual, dismembering, murderous pedophile is an amazing act of a powerful, sovereign God?


How arrogant am I?


And how well do I see myself, if I want to refuse anyone a right to having their sins washed clean?


It was a bit tough to take – reading about those truly despicable things he’s done – and yet, do I truly see sin how Christ does?  No wonder Paul calls salvation a great mystery!  How can it change the heart of someone so perversely hardened?  How can it change my heart?


I don’t know, guys… I’m not writing this because I’ve completely gotten rid of my judgmental spirit.  I mean, it’s hard enough to say these things while sitting and reading about it.  But what if my little brother had been a victim?  What then?  I think I have a ways to go.  This evening has opened up quite a conversation between God and me.  I need to figure out the extent of my own pride tonight.
However, three things are clear: NO one deserves heaven.  NO ONE is righteous.  And absolutely NO ONE is past hope.


Let’s pray for our hearts to be as open as the Lord’s, and to never give up praying for our unsaved loved ones – or even unsaved criminals.


God can do anything.

6 thoughts on “World’s Worst Psychopath – With a Surprise Ending

  1. Glad I got to read this! It is so humbling, this free gift of salvation. It is confounding too, when God saves someone ‘like’ Dahmer…until we examine our own hearts as well. Certainly an ongoing battle, not to live in comparison as if we deserve God’s mercy.


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