Sneak Peek Selection of Angel-Lover

I’ve never done this before, but I decided to post a random poem and chapter of my book, Angel-Lover.  I have hit over a hundred visitors now, with each of my latest posts, which is such a blessing from the Lord.
Those of you who don’t know me in person may not be aware that I have a couple of self-puImageblished novels.  The most recent one, Angel-Lover, can be found here in e-book and paperback form:

Be warned, this is a book that discusses cutting and is for teens and older.



I feel strange, I feel crazy, I feel insane when I’m with you

You’re so weird, you’re so loony, you’re so very, very confused

Yet you’re lovely, yet you’re dear, yet you’re amazing and thoughtful too

And so I go and do the things, all the things that you ask me to.



You make me crazy, you make me strange, you make me go insane for you

You’re so perfect, you’re so happy, you’re so wonderful, it’s true

Yet you’re so different, so unfamiliar, one of a kind, of a very few

But there’s no one, no thing, no being, who I’d rather be with than you.




School was over for the year. Chad’s junior year was over. Along with his life.

Three months without Angelique.

Fourteen weeks.

Ninety-seven days.

Chad left Angelique’s street after watching her walk home for the last time for three… whole… months. He felt the emptiness surge through him like never before. She was leaving the very next day for camp with her church friends. She was excited and happy. She never noticed him following behind her at a safe distance.

Chad dragged his backpack home, the bumping of the uneven sidewalk jerking him back to reality every so often, cutting through the numbness. Back at home in his room, he turned on his computer.  As a familiar movie flooded the screen, Chad watched, his brain closing down on him. He felt like someone had cut off one of his legs and he could no longer walk. If there was a God, as Angelique believed, then He should have made a rule that the earth could not continue for Chad without his blond angel.




4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Selection of Angel-Lover

      • My favorite part. I love the girl at the register and Chad’s snarkiness. Hahaha.

        He shuffled up to the cash register, sneaking covert glances over his shoulder. What he did for Angelique! Please let him get away without talking to anyone! Wow, maybe he prayed more often than he thought.

        Chad kept his eyes low as he plunked the Bible and cash down on the counter. At least he looked frightening. The girl was even quieter than he was. He snuck a peek up at her. She was giving him the most happy, searching look as she put his purchase in a bag. He thought he caught her lips moving silently. Chad dropped his eyes quickly, embarrassment stinging through him.

        The checkout girl handed him the bag. She sounded like she was building up all her inner courage when she spoke. “Enjoy!” she said, voice wobbly with hope.

        Chad glanced up at her. He swore. “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m burning this tonight at my Wicca party.”

        The girl’s face crumbled with horror and fear. This time it was she who looked away quickly and began to fiddle with the plastic bags.

        A corner of Chad’s mouth lifted in triumph as he swiftly left the store.


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