You’re Not Charles Dickens

Had a revelation today.  Just something small – however, it was a huge thought in a tiny package.

As a writer, you walk a slippery slope.

In order to create a very realistic character, some times we create them to be just like us, because we know ourselves best.

However, you are unique. There is no one else like you in the universe. So, if your character is exactly like you down to the microscopic level, don’t be surprised if a lot of people don’t get him or her.  In Slice of Life fiction, you need your character to also be a tad bit more normal than you are to appeal to the masses.

That is, unless you’re Charles Dickens and are creating the most bizarre, fantastical, flamboyantly odd group of creatures ever written about.

Here’s a hint: you’re not Charles Dickens.


2 thoughts on “You’re Not Charles Dickens

  1. I have always enjoyed writing characters that are different from me (even my protagonists), not for broader appeal, but because it helps me consider and come to understand different perspectives.


    • I like secondary characters like that, and have actually done one novel with my protagonist as a totally different personality, but, on the whole, there’s always an RJ character, or one who becomes me. And I’m always surprised when people say, “Do you really think like that?” or “Do you really do that?” and I realize she’s weird compared to everyone else. 😛 Then it makes her a trifle more unlikeable or sissy-sounding or prudish. Maybe people really shouldn’t know what I really think and feel. *sigh*


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