The Protector

A Poem for Akemi Homura

This is you.

This is me.

There’s a bond

That clings for eternity.


Hold you firm

Or try to set you free

There is no choice

My heart refuses me.


Outside of will

Outside of claim

Give in and watch

It will remain.


Go on and be

Become separate

The heart flees



Yet, in my soul, you

A mark in the corner

Inside my being

Never a foreigner


Never losing, never leaving

On the very heart that’s beating

You, your place inside it still

You are not fleeting.

Here we are, time changed and some

Here I am loving you still

Can’t have, yet go

I have no say or will.


Instead torn, discontent

Remembrance of you

I give in so often

Don’t forget me too


It’s supreme to be

Suffering the same

I’d rather you too

Felt some pain

Because what is this

If selfish it isn’t?

Unless it is

Supernatural and distant?


You squeeze my mind

And I accept

You sleep in my soul

This is all I’ll get.


I choose to love you

With a part of my brain

I choose to remember

It is joyous, wondrous pain.

2 thoughts on “The Protector

  1. Cool poem! Is this character what inspired your other anime-themed posting about obsessive love?

    I like the new blog design!! It’s much more serious and seems to fit your author identity much better! It will draw the eye of the kind of people who will be interested in your books, I think. 😀


    • Yes indeed! This is that favorite anime I was telling you about. I have had poems inspired by it stirring in my mind for a while. 🙂

      Thank you! I have to change my blog, Facebook profile pic, and cover very often because I get a certain twitch, and the change brings me so much pleasure. Haha!


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