SNEAK PEEK: Book Cover Concept!

This is a working novella cover concept sneak peek!

 But I need YOUR help again.

Which do you like better?  And why?  And do you like “Princess Permanent” or “Princess Permanently” better?  And why?

This is going to be a modern retelling of “Cinderella” under 40,000 words.  I will happily unveil it at the same time as The Hotline Girl (my Beauty and the Beast retelling) is published!  The Hotline Girl will either come out as a contest winner in a paperback volume with four other versions of Beauty and the Beast, or on Amazon Kindle by itself.

I would like to have at least two other modern adaptions of fairy tales to appear with The Hotline Girl.  A writer friend suggested it, and everyone else agreed.  I think it’s a great idea, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve!  I think that the third fairy tale will be “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” but that’s not set in stone yet.

But, without further distraction, here are the two cover ideas and titles.  Which one?  You pick!




5 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK: Book Cover Concept!

  1. Depends. If her name is one or the other, I’d say Princess Permanent. If this is a statement of her rank and its permanence, I’d say Princess Permanently ~ for (I think, anyway) obvious reasons.


  2. Princess Permanently definitely flows better. To me, it sounds more infinite than Princess Permanent (If that’s even possible :P) I can’t wait to read your latest works!


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