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Do you like to be known?  Which types of people do you want to know all of you?  Is there something you still hide? 

(P.S. Christ knows all of you, even sins you haven’t committed or experienced yet, and died for you anyway.  Does that feel trivial to you compared to a flesh and blood human being?)

If you had to move to a new state and, for the first two months, wear a large paper bag over your head that obscured everything but your gender, and only speak in questions, never sharing anything about yourself, how do you think you would do?  Would you worry about the impression you would make on new people?  Do you think they would like you?  Do you think they would then assume you are like them because they don’t know differently?  Would it kill you not to be able to share who you are, your interests, your likes, and your hates?

Do you like to hide?  What do you hide?

Talk to me about knowing and being known.  You can comment anonymously, if you like.  🙂

6 thoughts on “EXPOSED

  1. Truly fascinating questions!

    Yes, that would kill me. 😛 Because there is no hope of having a true relationship with someone that’s only one way, not mutual. How bleak. Only talking about other people would make me a nobody, and it would mean I could never share anything with them because they don’t even know if I share their interests! I couldn’t be their friend because *there wouldn’t be a me*. It’s such a depressing thought.

    I don’t *like* to hide, but I’m not naturally forthcoming. I’m like an iceberg…90% under the surface. Bahahahaha. 😀 When I get to know someone more – and generally I have to find common ground for that relationship to develop in the first place – I come out of my shell, but I still have to actively open up and reveal things about myself. My inner self doesn’t gush out unbidden. Haha.


  2. Ah, I didn’t answer the “what types of people” question before because I wasn’t sure what it meant. Geeky people? Friendly people? People with nice eyes? 😛 I think what you meant is the different levels of closeness, right? I’d like to be known accurately by everyone, BUT the people I mostly reveal myself to are family and a couple of very close friends.


  3. I do not hide… Anything. Sometimes I probably should. I also do not understand those who like to hide any part of themselves… Even sin. In my opinion it is far better to be open and honest about our own failings so that the power and grace of God may be seen in the outcome and also to avoid hypocrisy and fake-ness. I will usually share anything and everything with anyone who wants to listen. I also want to hear whatever others are willing to share about themselves… But sometimes I have to remind myself to be quiet long enough to listen.

    And the thing I hate the most about life is being misunderstood. That keeps coming up in my journals. It’s unavoidable in this life but it is absolutely the most horrible feeling in the world.


    • Hmm. No, not particularly. If I consider someone an enemy (I’m not sure I’ve ever categorized anyone that way, but IF it happened) I would prefer to hide myself from them as much as possible. Opening up to them would just be opening myself up to danger or unpleasantness, in my mind. If someone’s not kind enough to accept me at face value for what I show on the outside, then they probably won’t treat what’s on the inside very kindly either.


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