What Your Best Friends Tell You About Yourself…

You are who your best friends are.

Don’t be fooled.  Like-spiritual people find like-spiritual people.  Look sideways and see whom you’re closest to.  You may have different sin issues, but, spiritually you’re at the same level.  If you’re attracted to nonbelieving besties, when you yourself are a Christian, what does this say about yourself?  If all of your closest friends are ten years younger than you are, and you just feel like peers or older, godlier men and women are as boring as cardboard, what does this say about your maturity?

Some times you grow along with your best friend, and the two of you stay close for years.  This is what we pray for in marriage!  On other occasions, you find yourself completely drifted away from a friend, where you hardly have anything in common any more, and just aren’t as close.  Differences in spiritual maturity is often the case.  Growth can be at different levels for different people.  And some stop growing and their faith goes stagnant.

You want to know what a person is like?  Look at their best friends – their favorite people to be around.  Godly guys and girls don’t have ungodly besties.

Who are your best friends?  You are who your friends are.

Talk about friends and friendship in the comment section below.  Who are your best friends and why?  Had any experiences with truly bad friends?

2 thoughts on “What Your Best Friends Tell You About Yourself…

  1. I think this is a very astute observation and generally true, but is it not possible for an “old” believer to be besties with a young or new believer? Don’t you mean more that our devotion to the Lord has a direct correlation to our friendships, rather than our maturity? Also, would you suggest that we avoid maintaining or forging strong connections with those who seem less mature or focused on God (not against God, but maybe struggling in their walk)? Why or why not?

    My closest friends at the moment are my family members, you, ❤ and my friend and neighbor H.E. All people who inspire me and encourage me in my faith. ^_^ But I try to maintain healthy connections with older friends too, if I can. The only friendship I could ever call "bad" was one I had with a girl when I was a kid. We got into trouble together, she gossiped about me behind my back, and in general we were not mature. After the gossip incident I distanced myself and I have honestly never regretted it, though I wish that person well and occasionally pray for her.


    • I think it’s possible for us to be friends and acquaintances with anyone, but best, close friends is what I’m talking about here. The people you are closest to, for no other purpose than because you mutually benefit each other, shows where you’re at. If it’s a discipleship or a mentoring relationship, I don’t think that applies.
      I kind of equate devotion to the Lord with maturity. The two go hand in hand. 🙂
      You are one of my closest friends too! ❤


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