How each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to a Dead Body

Just for fun, with no intent to insult.  I am a Myers-Briggs type fanatic and I had to write this one up  😀

Each Myers-Briggs type stumbles across a dead body in their yard:

ISTJ: “This should not be here.  It’s horrible and ugly and messing up my carefully-placed garden.”

ISFJ: “Believe it or not, this interests me.  No one would believe it, but I have a bit of morbid curiosity about me.  Someone should call this guy’s family, I guess, but I’m going to get a good peek and run.”

INFJ: “Maybe he’s not dead.  I will perform CPR and finally get to be a hero.  YES.  I have dread about this in the pit of my stomach, but it’s mixed with a seriously exhilarating dose of excitement.  Finally life isn’t so boring any more.”

ENFJ: “I totally know who this is and who did it.  Let’s send counselors over for the family.  Maybe I can volunteer.”

INFP: “Let me weep uncontrollably first and then I shall write a beautiful poem about this.  My stars, this shall be my muse for decades to come.”

ISTP: “I’ll walk around the body and not talk about what I saw or how I felt or how I currently feel.  You’ll never hear anything from me unless I choose to turn this into a comedy routine in the future.”

ENFP: “The OUTRAGE.  I will solve this case and figure out who did it.  I will make it right and then spend months in therapy for being depressed about this case.”

ESFP: “I’m going to waltz on my way and pretend I never saw that.  Just keeping looking at the pretty sky.  Pretty sky…”

ISFP: “Poor, poor, poor guy.  Poor, poor guy…”

ESFJ: *sits down and screams*  “Nooooooo!  I wanted to go my whole life without ever seeing a dead body!  I need to buy flowers and dedicate my life to helping his family once I get over screaming and crying.”

ESTJ: *holding a large gun* “Are there children involved?  Let’s call my buddy social workers and get this situation under control.  We’ll also call my buddies on the police force.  I do both jobs well.”

ENTJ: “Conquest happens.  Bombs need to drop.  Heads need to roll.  I will parade through the neighborhood with a megaphone until that cretin comes crawling to me in fear and confesses.”

INTP: “Huh.  I could logically figure out how this happened if I cared.”

ESTP: “Dude, I guess crazy stuff happens in this neighborhood.  I need to tell my friends all about it.”

ENTP: “Man alive.  I meant to kill that guy.  Someone got to him first while I was distracted with my choice of new high-tech weapons.”

INTJ: “I did it.”

12 thoughts on “How each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to a Dead Body

  1. This is so cool. I’d scream and cry. Maybe if I knew who it was, I’d find its family and comfort them after crying some more 😉


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