The 12th Girl in Heaven Sneak Peek


The new novella I’m working on, which is a modern retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I now have a writing accountability partner.  Wave, Bethany, A. Jennings!  Thank you!

Here’s chapter 1 of “The 12th Girl in Heaven.”

Please pray for this new venture of mine.  Pray that God would use it mightily for Him.


I hate this song.

            Someone screamed in her ear, she supposed. Macy couldn’t hear the high-pitched girlish yell that she knew was emanating from the tightly veined throat almost against her face. Her friend’s mouth was opened wide, her teeth bared in a hyper smile, her eyes scrunched shut to mere wrinkles on her face. It was the face of a girl screaming, even though she couldn’t hear the actual sound.

The shattering, throbbing, piercing siren of the music filled her ear drums, flooded her throat, swelled in her brain, and crushed her chest. Her friend could yell until her tonsils came flying out of her mouth, and no one would hear.

Macy’s phone lit up in her hand. She held it at all times, and not just to keep it from being stolen. Ringing or vibrating would both be unnoticed in a place like this. Macy’s whole body vibrated – shook and trembled – with the searing pain of the song playing.

Isn’t this totally wicked?!?! The text read. It was from her screaming friend.

Macy’s eyes watered and swam. The words blurred, then became clear again. She looked up to clear her head. The screamer, “Gidget,” waved and gave her a thumbs up as she was swallowed up by the bodies behind her and disappeared.

Macy didn’t even know her real name. “Gidget” is what everyone called her. “Everyone” being the twelve girls that made up Rho Lambda Tau sorority.

I hate this song, Macy thought again, wondering if the assault on her ears could even be referred to as music. Her ribcage and stomach felt beat up from the bass’ pounding and the jostling of the crowd. What am I doing here?

A voice started screaming rage and fire over the microphone in time to the drums. The new blasting was worse than before, and Macy’s head crumbled, the lights dancing behind her eyes like a nail driving into her skull. I wonder if this is what it feels like to die, her brain cried, or did she say it out loud? No one would hear her anyway. And why would she die here? Wasn’t she already in Heaven?

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