An Open Letter to BlondeRJ’s Christian Readers

The sermon today caused me to shed some relieved tears.  I wanted to share with you one of the things that stood out to me.

Friends and readers, as you peruse my blog, see my posts, and read my books, bear in mind that I consider myself one of the “weaker” Christians that Romans 14:1 talks about: “Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.”  Now I’m not talking about sin or heresy here.  Those things are right or wrong in Scripture.  I’m talking about preferences.

I can be intolerant with movies, music, literature, and media.  I have extremely strict standards on modesty.  I am homeschooling.  I act protectively crazy over my kids.  I refuse to private message or email guys.  And I blog such strange ideas, all of which you may think is nonsensical.

So I’m the Christian who Romans 14 talks about being gentle with and accepting of.  I’ve always been super grateful to those of you who disagree with me but still love me and are gracious with me.
I can tell you that I am “fully convinced in my own mind,” (Romans 14:5) however, that I am pleasing God with what I do, and I write about these things to share with you to get your thoughts to see if I’m wrong, but also to give you a different perspective.  However, I am accepting of you and love you, so it’s wonderful if you do the same for me, the weaker believer, who has to be so careful with myself.

I know that as I think through these things and discover more of God and spend time in His Word, He may is growing me to find more security and rest and understanding in Him, but, as of now, here’s what I think, and here is who I am, and I know I’m far from perfect, so I thank you for your patient love.  ❤

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