Selena Gomez – As a Boy?

As a musician, I occasionally find things that tickle my fancy.

One of them is the recent trend of taking female singers and lowering their voices to make them sound like males.

Doing this to most pop singers makes them sound simply like women with a frog in their throat, but, every once in a while, I hit a true gem:


I could be serenaded by that gorgeous male voice daily.  😀

Pretty much all of Selena’s songs sound good low, and you can search Youtube for them.

Good male sounds come from women singers who have higher-pitched, girly, less mature voices. If the voice is deep or rich at all, it sounds horrible lowered.  For instance, my own voice lowered sounds like a large man with a nasty head cold.  Haha.  Ask me to show it to you, and, if enough people want to hear it, maybe I’ll post it.  😉
Thinking of high-pitched little-girly voices, I tried Hilary Duff as a male, and it sounded pretty good too! Hilary Duff is so childish in tone, though, that her male counterpart sounded about 15 years of age, and not quite as nice and alluring as Selena.  But it was still a pretty good one.

I think what draws me to Selena’s “male voice” is that we don’t hear men sing with so much vulnerability or soft passion. Men are so aggressive or dramatic in modern pop.  “You cheat on me, girl, and I kill that man,” etc. etc.  or “Cry me a river, baby!”  We don’t hear men being soft, wistful, and intimate.

With that in mind, I leave you with this beautiful little tearjerker.  Imagine a man actually singing from the recesses of his soul like this, his voice breaking in tears, the open vulnerable words being sung with passion…


Thoughts?  😀

Chad Journal


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