Minor New Year Changes


My blog now has a subtitle: “Painting, Publishing, Parenting, and Perorating,” which describes my art, writing, home life, and Christian topics I speak about on the blog.


The definition of “perorate” is: “to speak at great length, often in a grandiloquent manner.” 



My laptop also has a new face on it, with this custom skin. 


I’m excited about my new “image,” and hope that the laptop skin inspires me to write even more this year.  A quick shoutout to Bethany A. Jennings, once again, for reading a chapter each Saturday that I send her one.  You motivate me, friend!

If you could have a new online image, what would it be?  What animal or object represents you best?

We are currently at 69 followers.  As soon as we get 6 more, and hit 75, I will announce a winner for Chad’s journal.

Thanks all, and Happy New Year!

May you grow closer to the Lord Jesus this year in a deep, heartfelt, special, personal relationship.  ❤

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