The Bloody Rag – Coming to BlondeRJ!

Okay, I had a couple great ideas from readers for my next flash fiction piece, but I have to go with Heather Fitzgerald.

Her idea was to write, in under 1000 words, a story about driving behind a car on the freeway and watching a piece of fabric hanging out of a trunk fill with what looks to be blood!

Flash fiction is anywhere from 500-1000 words, depending on which publication you’re talking to about it.  And, since this exercise was supposed to challenge myself with attempting something I don’t normally write, but a blood-soaked fabric *would* be something I’d normally write… I’m going to give myself the challenge of writing first person, present tense.  I’ve never done this before and I don’t normally enjoy present tense (just like I don’t always enjoy fantasy), so it will be good for me.  I learn to enjoy things better when I experience them myself.

Therefore, by Friday I will have my flash fiction piece on the bloody fabric in the trunk!  Watch for it!  I will be sharing it with you guys exclusively on here!  🙂

Thanks for playing!


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