I Will Not Subject Your Sensitive Soul to Erotica – and Other Promises from BlondeRJ

Hello and welcome to my crazy, multi-faceted, hyper-active blog!

Due to having a bunch of new subscribers to welcome and introduce myself to (Hooray!), it’s about time I explain where I stand as an authoress – I like that old-fashioned feminine word so much better, don’t you?  🙂

Some of my reader base has been with me through my pimply teen years, reading every little thing I put out, like the faithful church family they were.  But, as I take my business to the next level, and as my writing changes and matures, it’s important to let you new readers (as well as the old ones!) know what you can expect from me.

Thanks for reading and giving me a chance!  I try to thank each and every one of you who comment, buy books, and give me feedback.  Without your feedback, I lose motivation to write, so it’s invaluable to me.  Each reader is precious, and I mean that!  ❤  (It’s why I give away so much free stuff.  I love you guys so much.)

1. I am a Christian writer.

I go to a Bible church that’s very much reformed evangelical.  And I write from that viewpoint.  Even books like The Hero of the Wars of Mougle, The Hotline Girl, and The 12th Girl in Heaven, which don’t necessarily talk about Christ, have a very strong moral message.  My main characters are obviously Christians in the conclusions they come to and the decisions they make.  Some of my work is flat-out evangelical, like Angel-Lover.  This may not be your cup of tea, but that’s just how it is.  I write to please my Father in heaven first and foremost, myself second ( 😛 ), and the reader third.  You really want it that way.  If I don’t even like my own books, neither will you, because it will show.

2. I write for young adults (15+) and new adults (18-35), although some may be enjoyed by the whole family! 

I may talk about some tough material like cutting, depression, alcoholism, drugs, or trafficking, but

A. I will warn you ahead of time which book it’s in when I promote it.

B. I do not write gory details.  I never write on dark topics in an explicit, R-rated style.  I touch on them and move on.  I do not sit and dwell on sin, nor do I describe it in detail.  For instance, “Mean Girls” disgusted me.  “Grease” made me want to throw something at the TV.  I hated both movies very much (but that’s a different topic for another time!)  I may write about worldly sororities in The 12th Girl in Heaven, but it will never come close to the level of the “Mean Girls” movie or a make out scene from “Grease.”  If I were to rate the level of intensity in my books, it would hit at about “A Walk to Remember.”  (LOVE that movie btw.  And the book’s even better.  😉 )

3. My genre is realistic, issue-driven, contemporary fiction.

My first novel, Dashwood Aveune, published back in 2006, was a pre-teen historical mystery, but I have completely switched genres since then.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with God-honoring fantasy (Love me a good sci-fi book though!  Did you know I’m a total Stargate fan?  Oh yeah, and I watched Nex-Gen too.  :-D), but I just don’t write it.  (At least not yet!)  I’m not really a fantasy lover, and I feel like the world has quite a few amazing fantasy writers already.  What we don’t have enough of is realistic, issue-driven fiction.  Stuff that you’d see next door.  Real-life issues teens and young people face.  Real change.  Real hearts.  Real lives.  We lack this concept so much that there’s not even a genre for it.  It’s a shame.  😦

4. I don’t write erotica.

Never will.  Intimacy is best experienced for oneself with your spouse.  You never have to worry that my books will be in the R-rated category.  I do not write sex scenes.  I do not even write romance that I think give girls unrealistic expectations as to what men are like or what a relationship could be like.  I promote realistic consequences for all choices.

5. I don’t write supernatural/ghost stories/spirit world/other religion stories.

In 1 Samuel 28, we read that Saul’s entire army was condemned to failure due to Saul’s sin of having a witch contact a dead person.  Later, in 1 Chronicles 10:13-14, it clearly says God took Saul’s life for what he did with the witch.  In both Deuteronomy and Leviticus, it says those who consult with the dead are condemned by God.  There are no such things as ghosts, only God has the power to raise the dead, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of my faith.  It churns a sick feeling in my gut when I come across ghost stories.  I can’t get behind them.  Clearly, you could interpret this differently on the subject of fiction, and I am not the judge of what you personally write or read.  I’m just telling you how I feel on the subject, and what to expect in my books.

6. I personally don’t enjoy violence.

I keep any violence (of which there is precious few in my genre of writing) to a PG.  I promise.

7. I don’t do swear words.

Just a personal preference due to the audience I market my stuff to.  I’m a literary fictionist, and I like my words to be beautiful, even with realistic dialogue.  No offense if you disagree and like your rougher characters to swear.  It’s just not my personal preference.

8. I promise to always show that sin comes with consequences.

My characters are far from perfect because I harp on realism.  I want you, the reader, to be able to learn and grow with my character.  Some times they do everything wrong.  But I never, ever glorify their wrong choices.  The Bible features many accounts of people making every mistake possible – always showing that a holy God is watching and controls the outcome.  I strive for this same sort of accountability to God.  “But I tell you that everyone will have to give an account of every careless word spoken (or written!)” (Matthew 12:36)  I like to present to my readers a world that is realistic, and to give thought for future actions.  Please feel free to always point out if you think I fall short in any way in this department.

9. I am open to discussing any and every thing I write. 

Don’t like something?  Comment on this blog or email me.  (dashwoodavenue@gmail.com)  Want a sneak peek to evaluate it for your teen?  Email me.  Have a good idea?  Email me.  Want someone to look over your own writing?  Email me.  Want to discuss how to help teens and young adults?  Email me.  Want a personal testimony from how I’ve struggled as a teen and young adult?  Email me.  Want to know more about Christ?  EMAIL ME. 

Get the picture?  I want to be REAL.  I want to be the real-est author you’ve ever read.  The most accessible and friendly and understanding.  I want this to be a ministry.  I want to love and help YOU with your life, and accept your help with mine!  I will do that in any way possible – and writing is just one way.  I care about you, my reader, and I want my books to be nothing but God-glorifying in your life.  I want it to change your thinking and motivate you on to righteous living.  I pray about that constantly.  Please let me know how I’m doing.

Comment with any other questions you might have!  This is a new blog format – and I quite like it.  The comment button is now at the top of the post, not below this any more.  Please leave one and give me any thought you have.

And keep your eyes open for my new novellas this summer! 

5 thoughts on “I Will Not Subject Your Sensitive Soul to Erotica – and Other Promises from BlondeRJ

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  2. Your heart and mine beat the same rhythm! I too write for a YA audience, what I call ‘realistic contemporary Christian fiction’. Honest, candid and as real as real life–that’s my goal for my fiction and the blog I host on abstinence and renewed abstinence. Checking out your books now… 🙂


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