Want A Free Copy of My Books Before They’re Released?


I need readers and a team of promoters!

The tentative schedule for my three new novellas is May, June, and July, consecutively.  More details to follow.

Please read this first to see if my style/genre is to your liking (BLURBS FOR EACH BOOK ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST).  Then, if you’re interested, I will send you my manuscript for free as soon as it is finished.  You will then be able to give a general critique or overarching thought before it goes to press.  Friends, if you have already read one or more of my books, you can still be a beta reader, by signing up to help with the following four things:

In exchange for reading my book for free and becoming a beta reader, I will ask these four things of you:

1. Read the book(s) you signed up for before the release date.

2. Write an HONEST review on Amazon.com for the book(s) when it is released.  (Reviews help in so many ways, even negative ones!)

3. Every week for the month before the release, post a picture that I will send you with a countdown to remind others of when the book is coming out.  Generally, just be excited for it and spread the word!  You can share my blog posts on the book info, post the countdown, and remind your friends on any social media sites that the book(s) are coming!

4. Invite friends to a Facebook release party I will be hosting on the release date of that specific book, and participate in the party (Will probably last around 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon).  There will be giveaways, including one for the beta reader who brought in the most guests.  I will also have a special present for all of you that support me in this way!

As a part of my street team, you will be able to give me input (only if you want to!  You can just read for fun if you feel like it!), you will see my covers and any new info ahead of time, and you will just be a valuable asset to me and a supportive friend.  You’ll be someone I can email, gush to, and be excited with.

I would love 5-10 beta readers, but make no promises as to who I will choose.  If I get a lot of offers, I will go through and see who has the least mutual friends with myself so as to spread the word further.  That will be the tie-breaker.  For instance, choosing my husband as a beta reader would be no good.  We have practically the same friends, and the reach will be miniscule!

Don’t want to be a beta reader?  Or want to do even more?  There’s another way you can help: host me on your blog for a blog tour I am planning on putting together.  You won’t have to do much, as I’ll send you all of the text you’ll need.  I’ll either have a personal interview, character interview, giveaway, free chapter, Q&A, etc.  I’ll let you know if you choose to participate.

COMMENT on this post or email me at dashwoodavenue@gmail.com if you’re interested.  Let me know what you’re interested in doing, if you want more information, and which books you want to beta read.  Do you want to do all three?  Is June a bad month for you and you just want to do The Hotline Girl and Princess Permanent?  Or would you like to try The Hotline Girl only in May and see how you feel?

I want to get beta readers lined up NOW, as I know people are busy and it takes a while for books to get read.  You would need to read the book before it’s release date.

I am very excited for my first REAL Indie business venture here, and I think using the web makes this a lot more fun.

Now, to give you a blurb as to each of the three books, so you know whether you’re interested in beta reading them or not:

The Hotline Girl

Age 15+

Arabella Rose is the county’s best suicide hotline telephone operator.  But very few know the personal reasons behind her passion, until a call from a strangely compelling man shakes up her entire world.

The 12th Girl in Heaven (Read the first chapter here!)

Age 18+

Macy Bandele’s goals are simple: get good grades, don’t make waves at the university, and find some place to belong.  The mysterious princess sorority, Rho Lambda Tau, seems like the answer to her problems.  If only the handsome Dillan Noughton didn’t keep challenging her way of thinking.  What sinister plans do the sorority hide?  And can Dillan help save her from herself?

Princess Permanent

Age 15+

Sabrina has a beautiful life.  She has a prince who’s in love with her, she dances beautifully at balls, and she wears gorgeous gowns day in and out.  Now to succeed in being crowned princess!  But when she wakes up to the same picture-perfect day repeating itself over and over, is everything as it seems?

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