Instead of 50 Shades, Read This

ADULT POST.  WARNING: Sexual content

I’ve got to jump on this passionate bandwagon against Fifty Shades of Grey, for all of the same reasons most of you other Christians are doing so.  I’m against erotica, especially when it portrays abuse as sexually appealing.

Like the other campaigns starting, I support #50dollarsnot50shades and am currently writing a novella that takes the classic fairy tale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and brings it to modern day.  I cover sororities, clubs, alcoholism, and even touch on trafficking.  In a world where women are *still* subjecting themselves to abuse, men are not attempting to be anything beyond physical lust monsters, and we are living in a world fraught with divorce, affairs, and multiple relationships, sex trafficking is growing.  Especially right in my area of Seattle, Washington.

I support R.E.S.T. (Real Escape from the Sex Trade).  Tonight, in Seattle, a thousand girls and women will be exploited for sex.

Therefore, in my own personal campaign against Fifty Shades of Grey, and in my endeavor to write a book that warns older teens about the temptations they can face in college and the real consequences that come with it, I have decided to start “25% of 12th Girl”: a promise I’m making you, my readers.

When The 12th Girl in Heaven is published on June 6th, I will donate 25% of all proceeds of the novella to R.E.S.T. of Seattle to stop the sex trafficking of my fellow Washingtonian female residents.

Read the first chapter of The 12th Girl in Heaven here.


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