Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated by Nikki Noelle at Inevitably Revised.  I’m so honored!  Nikki”s fantastic writing abilities are only succeeded by her masterful editing skills.  She has a way of understanding, dissecting, reviewing, and assessing prose, as well as encouraging good writing to flourish.  She is on my street team of beta readers, and I appreciate her input immensely.  If I could nominate her for this award again (Not sure how this works!), I would!

The Rules

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank your nominator, of course!
  • List 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 other blogs you are inspired by
  • Post the rules so people know them

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I can forget anything I want to on command, and, by exerting effort, “box it up” in my brain. I value innocence above almost anything and have forced myself to forget much junk over the years, to my great advantage.  🙂
  2. The anime girl in the above banner is supposed to be me.  I have long blond hair, and I dye the bottom six inches pink.  🙂
  3. I never forget a song if I’ve heard it like twice. I can never tune out music either. I taught piano and voice for ten years, all the way up until this year (when I moved across the US).  Before I had kids to pay attention to especially, if you were to take me to a restaurant, we sat there for around an hour and a half, talked, had a good time, etc., then later that evening, I could give you a playlist of what songs played – and in what order. This is why I’m extremely picky about music. I can’t tune it out. Music is an experience, not background noise.
  4. I have synesthesia.  This influences my writing.  🙂
  5. I never, ever, ever cry in movies. That’s an emotional response I keep switched off when watching TV because I just don’t get crying about fictional people/events.  There are plenty of real life things to cry over.
  6. I am 5’6″ and have short, fat feet. They’re a 7 1/2 double wide.
  7. I like certain kinds of anime a lot (PG-rated!), but LOVE all things Korean.  K-drams, K-pop, and Korean fashion.  Someone take me to Seoul!


Bethany A. Jennings at The Simmering Mind – Speculative Fiction, parenting, and Christian living blog.  Bethany has a way with words that will touch your hearts and interest you in new ideas all at once.

Heather L.L. Fitzgerald at The Tethered World – The Pathmaster!  A motherly, yet peer writer.  We all love her.  She’s sweet, encouraging, supportive, and fun.  Her first book is coming out soon!

Abby Jones at A Gentle and Quiet Spirit – ISFJ!  Finding other sensor authors is unique.  I enjoy Abby’s love of the harder topics.  She shares that same interest with me in that way.

Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience – Ann is quite the bestselling authoress now, so, Ann, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but your blog is immensely encouraging.  Your speech is beautiful and your writing deep.  You have been influential in my life!

Tim Hong at TX Father of Seven – Tim is politically savvy, economy-conscious, and an outspoken libertarian.  I’d rather get my news and info through him than anyone else.

Heidi Joelle at Homemade Mythology – Heidi’s savvy thoughts on her faith and on writing speculative fiction is always fun to read.  She just published an (adult) short story!

Rebekah Shafer at Lantern Leaf Press – “Lady Rebekah” is a brand new, spunky blogger and friend.  We hit it off immediately due to being so similar where it counts: we think in sentences, love to be around people, and talk Myers-Briggs personality types.  Seriously, what is better than that?  😉  Check out her first novella.  She’s got another one coming out soon!

Mirtika at Mirtika Writes – Mir’s clever, dry wit and business sense have inspired me immensely.  She’s the reason I’m writing these three modern retellings of fairy tales.  Her ideas are right-on, and she says things few have the guts to talk about.  I look up to her.

Caleb Lawrence at Merely This – Used to be one of my piano students – now has grown into a young man whom I respect.  We share a love of Japanese things, and I have seen him grow in so much wisdom and insight.

Ryan Christoffel at Beholding Christ – On the pastoral staff at my former church back in Texas, Ryan’s thoughts are God-focused and profound.

16 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. I’m honored. Thanks, RJ. I don’t consider myself a Republican though I did not too long ago. I’m more of a Libertarian in that I believe people should be allowed to take responsibility and the benefits / consequences of their choices.


    • Oh, you know what? I totally knew that. I meant to put “conservative” in there. Brain fog. This is what happens when you listen to a friend’s *cough* Christian screamo *cough* music while writing this blog post. For the record, it was not my cup of tea, but it was fun to see what she listens to. 😉
      (Let me fix that, Tim!)

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  2. Well thanks for your kind words and the nomination, my friend! Your seven facts were quite fascinating as well! I enjoyed reading more about your synesthesia superpower too (I clicked your link). I have a fact about my feet I will also share 🙂 You must have fun trying to find shoes!

    Also, I used to cry in movies, and easily in general, as a kid. Then my mom saw the movie ET (yeah, way back in the day, at the theater) and told me that I was, for certain, going to cry when I saw the movie. I made up my mind NOT to cry. And I didn’t. Since then, I am a non-cryer to the point of being embarrassed. I can easily be the only person (female, at least) not crying when bad news is delivered or a horrific circumstance takes place. I’m afraid I come off as calloused, though inside I’m definitely grieved. Occasionally I will cry about something (which then surprises me) and I do tear up a bit, even with a sad spot in a movie, but that’s the extent of it most of the time.


    • My pleasure! Yes, I’ve had to give up on many shoes I wished I wanted. *sigh* My oldest daughter has my same feet.

      Yeah, I cry about real life things that happen to people I love – not current events or anything – but I do it privately. I know I don’t appear calloused though, as I emote and help and give without needing to leak from the eyes. 😉 However, there have been a few times I wish I could cry along with someone. I don’t find it possible to do so!

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  3. Before you “forget” things, how do you deal with them to ensure the memory doesn’t cause problems down the line?


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Aha! You are smart! I didn’t used to deal with them. Hence repeating similar mistakes. NOW, I go to my husband and talk it through or make sure that I have the proper response. Usually, the things I’m taking about are when people sin against me or when I accidentally see things on TV or the news or in books that horrify me. So now I go figure it out – talking it out makes it harder to forget, but I think it’s healthier – and even pray about it. THEN I work on forgetting it. Good thought!


  4. I rarely cry in public but I love a good movie or book that can make me privately cry – but nothing makes me more annoyed than feeling like I’m being manipulated so it’s a fine line.
    A kdrama lover! There aren’t enough of us out there! Though I also enjoy jdramas and Taiwanese dramas, too. They all have their pluses and minuses. The problem with some kdramas is the live shoot and tendency many have to fall apart at the end. But they can be the absolute best when done right. (Queen In Hyun’s Man, My Love From Another Star, I Hear Your Voice, Dream High are a few favorites!)


    • Ah excellent! Yeah, I’ve just stopped watching jdramas, because I can’t stand the over-acting, and the lighting/camera is so much worse. I love the clean-cute prettiness of the kdramas.
      My favorites are I Hear Your Voice, Kill Me, Heal Me, Healer, Dream Knight, and Secret Garden.


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