Grace Unplugged the Movie – a Call to Christian Artists

Just saw Grace Unplugged. Fantastic movie. It was nice to see AJ Michalka go back to her Christian roots.  She is someone whom I’ve watched and listened to since being a young teen.

At the end of the movie, I spent my own tearful time with the Lord, giving up my plans once again and purposing to follow Him in everything.

Let me say this: artists, writers, musicians.


The world says you have to give up your body, heart, and soul, or you FAIL. You’re nothing.

I can attest to this, as I struggle along as a writer, spending more money than I make, as contests and publishing houses have rejected me for my evangelistic, moralistic, God-honoring fiction. The world will HATE you if you are a Christian, but that kind of success is empty nothingness. It destroys you body and soul. Instead, hold fast to Christ and do not compromise. Write something Jesus Himself would be proud to read. Sing something you could imagine would make the angels smile. Create things that magnify our great God. HOLD FAST. There are more of us than you think, and we stand together against the enemy and against this world.

Just the other day I lay on the office floor in my home, crying tears into the carpet because it felt too hard. It felt like I would never succeed as an author, I would never go anywhere as a musician, and my life was no better than a nobody mother doing nobody things that nobody bought or cared about.

But you know what? My God listens to my singing and playing. My God reads my books. And my God loves me. Loves me more than anyone else combined. And only His love matters.

And when I get to heaven, I want Him to have my books on His shelf and say, “Well done, my precious little RJ. Well done.”

Who’s with me?

5 thoughts on “Grace Unplugged the Movie – a Call to Christian Artists

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  2. Did you read the article on work and worship? It gives a good perspective on this topic? I miss you. Love, Mom

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