Guest Star Me on Your Blog?

If I give a cheesy, big grin and flutter my eyelashes?

We’re coming to the end of March folks!  What’s after March?  April!  And what’s in April?  I start promoting The Hotline Girl!

I will be doing a cover reveal, inviting all of you to a Facebook party, and, Lord willing, be doing a mini blog tour.

But I need another blog or two to hop down into!  Anyone else like to host me?

You would post something I would write up for you (a Q&A, character interview, excerpt of the book, etc.) and point readers toward my Facebook party and blog.

In turn, I would point MY readers toward your blog, so it’s a win-win in publicity for both of us.  🙂

Let me know if you’re interested!  And stay tuned for more Hotline Girl news!

6 thoughts on “Guest Star Me on Your Blog?

    • Well… I definitely still put you in my street team to help. I’d still love it if you shared it on your Facebook page. You are a super valuable editor to me though. And friend. 😉


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