The Second Birth of my Two and a Half Year Old Daughter

Thursday, March 26, 2015, like always, my four-year-old daughter expressed concern for her younger sister’s salvation.

The four-year-old was reading through a picture Bible in the car and came across the last page where Jesus is riding on a white horse.  I told her it’s because Jesus is going to come back and take us to heaven.  She was excited about that, but said, “What about my sister?”

I said, “Let’s stop and pray for her again,” which we’ve done for some time.

The sister, in question, listened closely.  When we got inside, the two and a half year old said, “Mama, am I not going to go to heaven?”

We’ve talked about this, and the gospel, for some time, but she seemed to suddenly understand the significance.

I told my younger daughter we could have a talk about it, and sat her on my lap on the couch.  I told her the gospel again.  Jesus Christ came to die for her sins, of which she had many.  He was raised from the dead and lives in heaven.  She deserves death and hell for her sins, but God gives His gift of eternal life and salvation freely.

The toddler hung her head when sin was mentioned, and said, “Yeah.  I do bad stuff.”

After presenting the gospel, I got up to go, because she usually didn’t seem to care about the gospel in the past.

But this time, she said, “I want to pray.”

Figuring she might pray about something unrelated, I said, “Go ahead.”  And let her pray whatever she wanted, entirely on her own.

This younger daughter of mine prayed earnestly, “Jesus, please wash my heart clean and come into my heart!”

Awestruck, and daring to hope, I asked, “What about your sins?”

She bowed her head again.  “Jesus, I’m sorry for all of my sins.  Will you forgive me?”  Suddenly, she lifted the sadly hung head with new wonderment and excitement in her precious eyes.  “He said yes!  He said, ‘I forgive you!'” she cried.  And marveled.  And I did too.

My other daughter and I cheered and rejoiced and the younger one hugged us both, beaming.

The older child was ecstatic that her prayers were answered, and shouted her sister’s name as if in praise for a job well done.

But when I reminded her that it was all of Christ, not her sister, the newly saved toddler added, “It’s not me.  It’s all Jesus.”

Could God have answered the deepest cry of my heart tonight?  “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  (Matthew 19:14)  I was saved at two and a half years old, and never doubted it.  My older daughter was saved last year at the age of three, and you can read her story here.  There was a complete 180 change in that older daughter, who used to be a difficult, strong-willed tantrum-thrower.  I have no doubt of my older daughter’s salvation as well.

I would love prayers for my younger daughter and the Lord’s work on her heart.  Because that is what we can be sure of: that God is working on her.  This has nothing to do with intelligence or capability or even me as her parent.  This is entirely a work of the Holy Spirit, a mystery that He does in our hearts.

But, as a joyful mother, I feel inclined to shout, rejoice, and say, “The Lord is my daughters’ Shepherd.  I shall not want.”  ❤ 


12 thoughts on “The Second Birth of my Two and a Half Year Old Daughter

  1. Oh my!! I am rejoicing with you through my tears of joy!! I knew from the untitled of the post that this was going to be something very special and indeed it is!!
    Praise God!


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