The Hotline Girl COVER!!!

Today, along with my new cover, I’d like to officially invite ALL OF YOU, yes you who stumbled onto my blog by searching for “RJ has an angel face” (Ask me how I know… 😉 ).  Please come to my Facebook party!

A Facebook party is a page dedicated to giveaways, pictures, questions, virtual snacks, and fun.  I talk a little about my book, let you ask any questions you want, and, mainly, I just give you things.  I have some great prizes, including an antique postcard, a bouquet of roses, framed calligraphy, and more.  In this party, I will be supporting many Indie merchants by giving you their stuff for free (and letting you know where you can get more!)  You know you want it all!

Here’s the link: so click join on the Facebook page, and be there May 2nd from 2-5 pm pacific time!  I want to see all of you!  😀


And now, without further ado, by Petercover on Fiverr, is the cover you were waiting for!

The Hotline Girl!

Arabella Rose is the county’s best suicide hotline telephone operator. But very few know the personal reasons behind her passion, until a call from a strangely compelling man shakes up her entire world.




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