Lucent Sylph

A new little short story I wrote. Here’s the blurb. Sound interesting?

Lucas Thissel has something he fears: an alien species of palm-sized glass fairies. They are Lucent Sylphs.

A Lucent Sylph does not eat or sleep, but is fueled on human emotion. Her insides are made up of a single giant heart that captures and feeds off of the strong feelings around her. Too much neglect or unkindness, and a Lucent Sylph will cloud over and disintegrate. Too much love and attachment, and the heart will be overcome and burst.

This one was owned by my friend. But she had a name.


She looked at me. Turned her tiny thumb-sized head and gazed at me, her eyes fathomless and deep. She could tell I feared for her. Emotions were not safe around these creatures.

My friend, who owned her, had no self-control. She would die.

Want to read the rest of it some time? 

I’m thinking about releasing this as a free stand-alone this summer, with preview chapters of my other books in the back.  Stay tuned!  😀

7 thoughts on “Lucent Sylph

    • Heidi, I knew you’d like it. I didn’t want to bog you down with stuff since you’re reading 12th Girl for me right now, but I’ll send it whenever you can!


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