Cover for The 12th Girl in Heaven!!!

My darker, boldly realistic 18+ fairy-tale retelling is due out June 6th!  (No sexual scenes, and the content is discussed in a moderate and appropriate way for college-aged and above.)

Come join the Facebook party! Click here! The last one was a hit!  85 people RSVPed, and many popped in and out and had a blast!  The party for 12th Girl will be held at 1 PM pacific time, so, earlier in the day, and will only go for two hours.  Come and earn prizes – like a beautifully handmade bag, jewelry, and even a gorgeous tiara.

Fight drug use and trafficking!  Help by buying a copy of The 12th Girl in Heaven, when it comes out on June 6th.  25% of all proceeds go to REST Seattle (anti-trafficking, Christian organization!)

To see the damage drug use does to the body, click the picture below:

This is the last of the two novellas I’m putting out this year.  In August, I plan to release a short story for free.  Stay tuned for that.

And now, without further ado, the cover for The 12th Girl in Heaven!


3 thoughts on “Cover for The 12th Girl in Heaven!!!

  1. June 6th? Good to set a deadline to get things done. I need to do the same to make the way overdue changes to my book!


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