An Interview with my character, Gidget Paige, from The 12th Girl in Heaven!

The release, of the second out of two fairy tale retelling novellas, is in three weeks!

Please come to the Facebook party!  The last one was such a success.  I think everyone will tell you they had a blast!

I have all of the prizes ready, and am doing last minute edits on the book.  I’m excited to share a deeper, more serious novella with all of you, and to support R.E.S.T (Real Escape from the Sex Trade) in Seattle.  The original story, of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, can be found here.  There have been many variations since then, and I, for one, like the version that involves a young shoemaker, not a soldier.  😉

My story is set in modern day times.  The Twelve Dancing Princesses is really a trafficking story.  Usually, in most variations, a witch enchants (or drugs) the girls and forces them to dance all night with men.  Depending on the version, the girls either know what they’re doing and willingly do it, trapped and unable to complain due to peer pressure, or they have no idea because of being drugged from the witch’s goblet.

I think that this story, with a modern day twist, inside of a sorority, can be a powerful one.  Support stopping the sex trade, and free our young women from slavery!  25% of all proceeds will go to R.E.S.T. of Seattle.  They do good work, and the mission field is, sadly, ripe out here.  😦

Today we have an interview with Rho Lambda Tau sorority member, “Gidget” Paige.  Gidget becomes close friends with the protagonist, Macy Bandele, and can give us an insight into Macy, to interest us in her story.  🙂


RJ: Gidget!  You are a spitfire.  I can tell by the way you can’t sit still in the chair opposite me.  You look like you’d rather be mountain climbing or tap dancing!

Gidget: (laughing) Oh yes.  That’s me.  Did you know I was involved in sports from super young? But I get good grades too!

RJ: Obviously!  You’re a part of Rho Lambda Tau, the most prestigious sorority at your university.

Gidget: (snorting) Prestigious, my behind.  It’s a group of regular cheerleader-type girls, and I’m totally in there for the academic perks, you know?

RJ: What perks?

Gidget: I get to help the needy, train younger girls, get job offers, and make money.

RJ: Very nice.  Tell me about Macy Bandele.  Your group scouted her specifically, on purpose.  Why is that?

Gidget: (leaning forward) Honestly, I have no idea.  She’s cute, but she doesn’t come from a lot of money or have this reputation with the guys or anything.  I think she just got interested in her first guy.  His name’s Dillan or something, and he’s pretty cute. Macy’s a good student, but, other than that, she’s kind of a mouse, you know?

RJ: She’s a mousy, quiet person?

Gidget: Yeah, not a good fit at all for Rho Lambda Tau, and it sorta upsets me.

RJ: Why is that?

Gidget: I think she’s in over her head with this group.

RJ: What’s the group like?

Gidget: Very, very loud.

RJ: (laughing) Sounds like sororities, on the whole!

Gidget: (laughing too) Yeah.

RJ: Do all of the girls have nicknames?

Gidget: Some do.  We just call Mallory Barnett “Lory.”  She’s the leader of the group, even though I think someone else would be better suited for that position.

RJ: Why is that?


RJ: Gidget?

Gidget: I plead the fifth.  There’s a lot that I can’t tell you, because what goes on in Rho Lambda Tau stays in Rho Lambda Tau

RJ: (chuckles) Okay, then!  Does anything bother you about Rho Lambda Tau, or sororities on the whole?

Gidget: The list is a mile long, but that’s okay.  I’m way too smart for them.  And I plan on keeping Macy under my wing, because I can read people.

RJ: Sounds good.  I can’t wait to see how Macy handles the new environment if she joins.  Do you think she will?

Gidget: Unfortunately, RJ, I don’t think she’s the type that can say no…

RJ: One last question.  What’s your real first name?

Gidget: I really don’t like it, but I’ll tell you anyway, if you promise not to use it.

RJ: I promise.

Gidget: Emily.

RJ: That’s so cute together though!  Emily Paige!  I like it!

Gidget: It’s so boring, so typically American.  So twenty-first century “I-fit-in.”  And I’m nothing like that.

RJ: I can tell!  Are each of the Rho Lambda Tau girls as unique as you?

Gidget: You’d have to come visit us and see.  If Macy accepts, there will be twelve of us now.

RJ: I’m sure our readers want to get to know you crazy, one-of-a-kind ladies.  Thanks for taking time to come talk to me!

Gidget: Oh, I love a good audience!  Thank you, RJ!

The 12th Girl in Heaven will be out on June 6th on Amazon (in e-book form) and (in paperback form.)  In the meantime, join the free Facebook party for release day fun!

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