Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale

Today I get to interview the longest friend I’ve ever had.  We’ve known each for 17 years now, going on 18!  That’s way over half my life.  😀

Heidi Joelle (Her website, Homemade Mythology, is here!) wrote a giant epic sci-fi novel, called Worlds Collide (Click on the title to buy it on Amazon), about fairy-like aliens and their interactions with a group of people on earth.  There was mystery, romance, sinister plots, assassins, ambassadors, and orphans!  But it was given a hiatus from the shelves, and made more beautiful to be released again this month!

I have wanted to recommend this book to all young adults, and now I can again!  On top of that, I have an interview with the author for you below.

Go check out her work!

RJ:  Heidi!  We published our first novels together, back in 2006.  It’s so exciting to see Worlds Collide back on the shelves.  I keep wanting to recommend it to friends of young adults, but haven’t been able to do so!  So tell me, way back when, what inspired you to write Worlds Collide?
Heidi: Thank you! I am very excited to have this story back ‘out in the world’ again.

I had been trying to write this overarching story for years. Each time I would get about ten pages in and have no idea how to continue. When I sat down to try again in 2006, I had the idea to maybe start much later in the story and maybe to write it as if my characters were telling the story themselves. The idea worked and six months later the story was on paper.

RJ: The winged creatures, the ‘dunami, whose world intrigue us so much in your novel, are actually very human in spirit.  Do you have a picture to share on what they look like?

Heidi:  I was very fortunate to have two friends who drew some of my characters. This is my favorite picture sketched by my friend, Amber. The ability to draw/sketch/doodle is not something that I am talented at, so it was very exciting to see others visualization of my characters…especially when it matched so closely to how I pictured them!


RJ: I was impressed with the political and scientific take you took on the portal/medicinal references in your book.  What type of research did you do on that?

Heid: I watched alot of Stargate SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis 

RJ: Those are the best shows ever.  🙂
My favorite character in Worlds Collide, is a mysterious, black-winged INTP.   I was attracted to his personality way back when, and I married a sweet Christian version of him a few years later.  😀  What was your inspiration for him?

Heidi: It never fails to crack me up how everyone has an opinion about that character! I still don’t get it. I had put countless hours into figuring out most of the characters in this book, this one? He was literally a ‘hmm…this works…yes…I’ll do that.’ He was one of those characters who ‘wrote themselves’.
The whole ‘dunami culture is one that is built on honesty being a huge deal. So in a cultural where lying would be seen as morally twisted as murder, I wanted to portray a character who didn’t ‘cut corners’. Who lived as honorable (to his own code) as he possibly could. And had little patience for those who said one thing…but lived another way.
RJ: Besides Dra, who reminds me so much of yourself, who was your favorite character?

Heidi: Jer. Definitely Jer. He has a good heart from the beginning and grows so much.

RJ: Who was your least favorite character, and needed to grow on you?  (Personally, I like all of them!)

Heidi: Ryan. There is just nothing to like about him at the beginning. Which was the point.

RJ: What overarching theme does your book explore, and why is this important to you?

Heidi: Unconditional friendship and love. So much of communities/life has conditions placed on you, you will be accepted if you will be loved if. And that wears on a person, and worse, you can think you deserve those conditional friendships/love. I wanted to explore that, and show a community that even under extraordinary conditions, their care for each other stays the same. In that, my story is nothing new, there have been many other authors/stories who have had those themes, and told amazing stories that touch peoples hearts. I just hope Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale will encourage as well as entertain those who sit down to read it.
To buy the book for kindle on Amazon, click here!

8 thoughts on “Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale

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    • Hi Bethany! Thanks for your interest. I do not have an awesome pitch in my back pocket, but here’s what I have for now:

      Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale is a science fiction/fantasy story about our normal world and another. It is about the interactions of a small group of people from both worlds, their story unfolding in their own words, written as if a journal that they have all contributed to filling with their perspectives on how events took place. There’s winged creatures, aliens…who are the winged creatures, politics, sarcasm, family, love, death, and life.


    • Okay, let me take a stab at it now. It’s so intricate, it’s hard to encompass it in one short summary.

      Basically it’s a political intrigue/espionage/scientific book.

      The two worlds, one filled with fairy-like people who live in giant trees, and the other normal , modern day earth, have contact with each other due to one genius scientist.

      There is unrest on the Dunami world, due to corrupt politicians and disease throughout the story, and they heavily frown on intermarriage with humans.

      A select group of people, on earth, who know about the Dunami, hide a select family on earth trying to save them from the corrupt governments on both sides. In the process, they marry, make friends, and interest a few others in their plight.

      Greedy people in power, both on our world and theirs, are uncovered, as well as their plots to stop the human-alien interrelationships, and things dramatically come to a head, beginning with an assassination…

      Heidi, how’d I do? 😀


      • “Okay, let me take a stab at it now. It’s so intricate, it’s hard to encompass it in one short summary.” <- this is why it's so hard for me. But it sounds super arrogant to say ones own story is so intricate it's hard to summarize.

        This is an excellent summarization! As I mentioned before, there is zero magic, which can be weird when they are very similar to fairies. The 'dunami are more like eagles than…tinkerbell.


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