Cover Reveal for Lucent Sylph!!

No Facebook party this time.  Instead, this a freebie I’m giving to all of you, my favorite readers.  It will be out in August, and I hope you love it.

I will be putting first chapters and excerpts from all of my other books in the back.  If you could get the word out and pass this freebie around, it will be fantastic advertising for me.  🙂  Be a part of team #LucentSylph!  🙂

Here’s the cover and the prologue to get you hooked! 

2D - Copy

Lucent Sylphs.

The otherworldly pet for the 24th century American.

Own a translucent glass fairy that can sit in the palm of your hand. Own one of these fragile little beings and you set yourself apart from everyone else.

I shuddered when I saw my old friend Josiah showing off his new Lucent Sylph at school at the beginning of the quarter. She sat there, crystal clear, pulsing heart and veins clearly visible beneath her see-through hard skin. Wings as solid as a thin sheet of glass, she eyed the ogling classmates with something like forced apathy, but I suspected she was nervous as well.

“Put her away,” I told him, murmuring for Josiah’s ear alone. “You, of all people, can’t handle a Lucent Sylph.”

Josiah ignored me. “Want to hear her name?” he asked the crowd.

“You named her?” I cried. She was doomed.

Josiah motioned to me. “Lucas, my man! Sounds like you want to know. It’s Nissa!”


            I swallowed hard.

She looked at me. Turned her tiny thumb-sized head and gazed at me, her eyes fathomless and deep. She could tell I feared for her. Emotions were not safe around these creatures.

Josiah had no self-control. She would die.

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