777 Game

Holding her between my palms, I felt the heat of her happy heart, mine drumming its own rapid and excited rhythm. I love too much. I am a pathetic, weak, teenage guy. I cannot do this!
Nissa attempted to lie on my pillow the first night, her body heating my closed eyelids.
“I will make you your own bed,” I sighed. “You are too close and I might crush you.”
Her happy nod grew her heart with another strong pulse, and I feared for her life.

Vicki Tapia tagged me for the 777 game.  7 lines from page 7 of Lucent Syph!

My own drawing of what I think Nissa looks like.  Like my sketch?  See the veins?  This is Nissa in a happy state.  At some point I’ll get brave enough to try watercoloring this.  🙂


Comment if you want to be tagged as well.  🙂

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