Beautiful Reviews for Lucent Sylph Already

Lucent Sylph is out – a day early, thanks to Amazon’s generosity!

Already I have two beautiful reviews, and 175 copies have been downloaded!

From Bethany Jennings:

This is a sweet, thought provoking story told in lyrical language. It explores unexpectedly deep themes of love and affection, and despite the melancholy tone in places, it’s a heartwarming read. The characters were nuanced and admirable, too. Highly recommended!

From Mightimidget:

RJ Conte has crafted a story that speaks to the pain of feeling too much in an otherwise calloused and desensitized world. Lucent Sylph is short, sweet, delicate, and a little melancholy. It’s perfect for the person who wants a bite-sized piece of food for thought while still feeling soul-fed with compassion and kindness.

So exciting!  😀  Get your free copy of Lucent Sylph here!

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