Separated Shoulders, Whovians, and 2-Star Reviews

Lucent Sylph has now been downloaded 2703 times and has 23 reviews!  And I got my first 2-star review ever as an author, but 2D - CopyI think the reviewer left a review for a different book on mine by accident.  I can’t make heads or tails of it.  😛

I am recovering from a separated shoulder.  One of my precious babies landed on it – a shoulder I first injured at a pool party seven years ago.  I’ve been out of commission for the last three weeks, and will be signing up for physical therapy tomorrow.  Prayers would be appreciated!  The majority of the excruciating pain is over, but my arm is still very weak.  😦

As I recover, I am enjoying Dr. Who for the first time.  I started with the 9th doctor (who I like the best so far) and have finished season 2.  😀

Happy October, all!

4 thoughts on “Separated Shoulders, Whovians, and 2-Star Reviews

    • Yuck!! Did it happen when something landed on it? I was told separation always occurs with a blow of some kind. It’s not dislocating.

      I have benign hypermobility, so all of my ligaments are loose and easily injured. 😦


      • Oh, yes, something landed on it. He works with troubled youth whom they sometimes have to physically restrain. A teen guy had gone off, Hubby was restraining him and calling for backup. A new staff came running but fumbled over the moves (since he was newer and didn’t have them instinctive yet) so he inadvertently knocked all three of them over who all landed on Hubby’s outstretched shoulder. He got a separated shoulder and a quick pop-out/pop-in dislocation which lightly fractured his humerus. He was home from work for over a month and in physical therapy for quite some time.

        Those types of injuries leave a permanent mark. I’ll be praying for your fast recovery. It’s hard to care for your munchkins when your shoulder is hurt. (That was the hardest part for Hubby – not being able to hold our daughter well since he was essentially one-handed.)


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