If a Bird Pooped on You…

Well, when I finish one book, I immediately start the next.  😀  That’s because, while
writing the end chapters on the last book, I’m already scheming the next one.

I have to write something different every time.  I’m not usually a series sort of gal.  I have to have variety and try new things.  But THIS time I’m going to attempt a trilogy.  A sci-fi trilogy.  A SUPERHERO sci-fi trilogy.

I’m scared.

Not sure I can do this!  It’s going to take me a while, and I only have three chapters rough-draft-written at this point.

But, thanks to Janeen Ippolito, a fellow author acquaintance of mine, I got to ask some great awkward questions of my new characters, in order to truly get to know them inside and out.

To introduce you to them, book 1 (or perhaps the trilogy itself) is going to

Olivia and Slater

Slater and Olivia

be called The Depressers.  My superhero, Slater Khaven, is going to be an average computer software engineer with no special powers other than his sarcastic wit.

His girlfriend, the elusive, amazing, talented, savvy, tough as nails Olivia Gold, is actually dead by house fire at the very beginning of the book.  (No, no.  I didn’t get this mixed up with Heartsick!) and you learn, in flashbacks, what she was like and how she prepared and shaped Slater to be the superhero that he will be.

In a fit of sentimentality, Slater puts on Olivia’s contact lenses, the only surviving memento he has of her, and discovers a whole world only his girlfriend knew existed – of enemies he must fight.

In Myers-Briggs terms, Slater is an ISTJ.  Olivia is INTJ.

Here, I ask them super awkward questions.  😀


1. Would they wear the same clothes two days in a row?

Slater – Um… what’s wrong with that? I thought it was when you hit day 5… or wait. Was it day 7? that you had to change your clothes. Oh grief. Now all the ladies are going to think I’m gross. I DO change my boxers every three days. Or maybe every other. I don’t remember! I’m a bachelor and finally on my own! Do I HAVE to care? Man alive!”

Olivia – “Eh. I try. Sometimes I’m really busy and just can’t. I don’t sweat. I don’t stink. I’m practically perfect like that. Plus, my stuff’s all leather and nylon. That stuff breathes well. And I work at night. Yo, why are you asking about my clothes anyway? It’s none of your beeswax, idiot.”

2. What would they do if a bird pooped on them?

Slater – says every euphemism he knows under his breath. Makes sure not to actually curse, because he’s a Christian, but says everything else that’s as close to cursing as he can get. Scrubs it off with his hand… “Now wait, RJ. Come on! THEN I would change my clothes! You’re destroying my reputation here.”




Olivia – Would burn the outfit. Or at least throw it in a dumpster as far away from her house as possible. Probably shoots the bird.

3. What would they do if they ended up with an unexpected pregnancy?

Slater – Goes into a reclusive state for a few weeks where he doesn’t eat or sleep and thinks through every aspect of his future and mourns the loss of his dreams. Then emerges and responsibly cares for his child. Ends up being a great and involved dad.

Olivia – Doesn’t agree with abortion, but is tempted by it. In a hardened state of mind, refers to the baby as “It” and “fetus” and assumes she’ll miscarry because she keeps up her nightly “crime-fighting.” Delivers the baby safely and becomes a total over-protective, nurturing sap. Growls at anyone who tries to touch her child.

4. Do they have any addictions?

Slater – “*sigh* Probably TV. Oh, and Girl Scout cookies. Star Trek… Oh, I’m definitely addicted to coffee. The internet? Gaming. Yes, gaming. Wow, I think I tend to be an easily-addicted person…”

Olivia – “My job. And Slater.” *huge grin that is strangely evil looking*

Slater – “Man alive. I would’ve said you, Olivia. I would’ve. I didn’t know we could list people. You know you’re my world…”

Olivia – *holds out a taser*

Slater – “No. Put that down, baby. DOWN, girl.”

5. Who would they die for?

Slater – “Anyone. I’d love to be a hero. Honestly, I’d die for a stranger on a bus if I needed to. I’d like to think that’s in my nature. My brother’s in the military, and I can be a quiet hero over here in Seattle.”

Olivia – “Anyone. It’s my life purpose, and I have a feeling it’s going to happen someday anyway. Being a protector is what I was born to do.”



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