30+10 – Kiralee’s Name

Day 5 of #30and10!
Kiralee, my main character, is the tomboy young-teenage version of myself. 🙂 Also the oldest in her family, she is just a bit more boyish than this girly author. 😉 Kiralee’s name betrays a feminine side too. It’s pronounced KEER-uh-lay, like Renee at the end. I got the name from Gathering Blue, written by Lois Lowry. Gathering Blue was book 2 in my favorite The Giver trilogy. The Giver was my favorite book from age 15+, and I fell in love with Jonas. Gathering Blue was about Jonas’s future spouse, Kira. In Kira’s more backward totalitarian society, people are named one syllable at birth, given a second syllable later (teens?), and finally receive a last syllable as adults. I always wondered, if Kira had stayed in her society, what would her last syllable have been? I settled on “lee” pronounced “lay” as something fun and fancy and unique.
Then went ahead and named my own character Kiralee. It has the accent mark over the first “e,” but I can’t do that on Facebook. 😛

Dashwood Avenue, and my other books, can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/RJ-Conte/e/B00MDY4T0S/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1


4 thoughts on “30+10 – Kiralee’s Name

    • The Giver was definitely my favorite by far, but the other two books were good – because they added TO The Giver. 😛
      Son was terrible, in my opinion. I was seriously disappointed. Her writing style changed, the book was inappropriate for children in parts, and it became this convoluted fantasy instead of a dystopian novel about the birthmoms that I hoped it would be. 😦


    • I liked Messenger better than Gathering Blue, because I thought it was a perfect picture of sin and a Christ figure. I actually emailed Lois Lowry after I read it and shared the gospel with her. ❤


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