#30+10 – Homeschooling and Swing Dresses

#30and10 Day 20
Believe it or not, homeschooling was NOT nonexistent in the 50s, it was just relatively rare. However, in small towns, you might see a family or two that adopted the practice ahead of their time. 🙂
Homeschooling has grown by leaps and bounds, however. Just from 2003 to 2012, homeschooling has seen a 61% increase! With the nonsense about gender education now being promoted in my home state of Washington, I expect we’ll see a growth in homeschooling soon.
Day 21
I LOVED the 1950s. That and the Victorian era (at the turn of the 20th century) were my favorite time periods for history, style, literature, etc. I even had a friend make me an authentic, 1950s, red-checkered, swing dress. Since having children, I’m not sure I’ll ever fit back into it like I did when I was 17-18, but I’m saving it for my own daughters some day. 🙂

Me, circa 2006 in my swing dress, with the seamstress Neeva W. on the far left  🙂


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