Favorite Love Confessions

Posting a day late – but I thought of this only after midnight, Valentines Day 2017, had passed.

Do you have a favorite love confession/profession in any of my books?  Post it in the comments – but don’t spoil which book its from!  Or a favorite love confession from a different book?  Let’s fill up the comments with beautiful romance.  🙂

Here is my favorite from all of my books! (Not spoiling which books and which characters!)

The tears in his eyes rose yet again, spilling out of his lower eyelids and down his nose. He wiped them away absent-mindedly with his cold clean hands. How he loved her. It filled his chest. It filled his head. It filled every part of him. He felt like he was made entirely out of love for her. He imagined the feeling reaching out of his heart into her limp body and warming her from the inside out. He could see his love like a hand that reached for her hair, caressed her face, and soothed her painful sleep. It truly was selfless. There was no him in the equation. All that mattered was her.

He loved her.

This is what had replaced the lustful obsession. He loved her with an intensity that surpassed anything he had felt for anyone but the Lord Himself. The last time he had felt something as overpowering as his love for her was when he received his salvation. But this was different. It felt like… like…


He was always meant to love her. He knew it now. He didn’t fight it any more. His infatuation for her had drawn him to Jesus. His obsession had ultimately saved him. And now, his love would enable him to save her. She had saved him first.

Your turn to post a favorite love realization or confession!  


9 thoughts on “Favorite Love Confessions

  1. “Ali! Wait!”
    She turned around to see him standing there in the doorway, a yearning in his eyes.
    “What?” she asked ashamedly.
    “It’s you. It’s always been you,” he sweetly pleaded.
    Puzzled, she again asked, “What?”
    Pointing to her chest, he said, “Your shirt.”
    Ali looked down and read the same words she had read earlier that evening: Find Your Happy Place. Putting two and two together, she about melted to the ground.

    This is from Long Lost Neighbors by Frances Hoelsema – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTW65OR – a clean, contemporary romance


  2. Love it!! It’s so good! Here’s mine:

    “My name is Corrine,” I say, taking a shaking breath. “And I’m a coward.” There’s a moment of silence where I let the words sink in. I shift my weight and let my gaze rise from the the floor. “I kept a secret because I didn’t want to lose a person. I kept that secret even when I knew it would hurt them. I kept that secret because I knew they wouldn’t see me the same way again.”
    Fire expands my insides as I speak the truth to the crowd, ready to tell Minji everything. “Nothing we did together was fake,” I say, my voice cracking. “For the first time in my life, I showed my true self to someone. Even my best friend didn’t know who I was, when you did. I’m not going to plead for anything. I know how pathetic it’s made me. I just wanted to thank you.
    “If it wasn’t for you, I never would’ve found myself. I never would’ve believed I was worth the kind of attention you gave me. You didn’t focus on how I looked. You’re the only person who treated me like I was worth more than the clothes I wore. I can’t thank you enough.”
    It’s too hard to look at the audience, so I focus on my feet instead. “I promise, you’ll never have to see me again, but I couldn’t let you leave without you knowing.”


  3. “But [he] brought his face close to hers and murmured, so quietly she almost missed it, ‘It’s my first kiss too.’

    Surprise and comradery took over her nerves, and [she] gave in. Tilting her face up, she closed her eyes.

    Then he was kissing her. Simply, stiffly, and awkwardly at first…… She heard her phone drop to the floor. His kiss deepened into something more tender and meaningful, the feeling of it so urgent and vulnerable.”


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