Here is a list of books you absolutely should NOT read.  Only a FOOL would read these books!  I’ll tell you why!  You can even click on the titles in bold to see what all the reviewers say about these DANGEROUS books!

The 12th Girl in Heaven

This book has kissing in it – and the couple does it because they’re dared to do so by a sorority! What is this teaching your college student?! Also, the book contains depictions of unwanted showers! I was horrified!



Teenage guy visits a church for the first time and feels like puking! What a message to give your teens going to church! Also there are sermons with passages from Isaiah! Who even understands Isaiah anyway? Plus, the blonde on the cover isn’t even an angel. What a rip-off!




Just too creepy. First girl doesn’t work out for the moody stalker guy. So he finds a second girl who looks like the first and tries again…


The Hotline GirlTheHotlineGirl_1850

The heartthrob is a burn victim, while the actual good-looking guy is an egotistical pervert. Who wants to imagine the kiss scene including a guy without lips? *shudder*


2D - CopyLucent Sylph

A boy keeps an unclothed female alien in his room as a pet! So indecent!


Dashwood Avenuedashwood

It has teenagers running through a grocery store being chased by a guy with a gun! Too scary for your kids! Also, a girl gets called by the name of a vegetable the whole book! Just insulting!


ABottleOfGlassHeartsCoverA Bottle of Glass Hearts

Five stories – all of which make you cry?  Including one about a woman who gets to see all of her tears she’s ever cried in her lifetime, kept in a jar!  And a haircutter who stalks a young woman. Sick!  This one also has that nude alien fairy creature in it too.  Wow.  Unhappy stories with weirdos.


GemGem 2

An entire planet grooms a little boy to die for them.  Who’d want to read about a group of psychopaths like that?!



astoundebookAstound: Cultivating a Wonder and Love for God in Your Kids

And this one’s the very worst!  It calls your young sweet children wicked sinners! My poor innocent baby’s self-esteem!  Don’t read it!  Don’t be a fool!










9 thoughts on “DON’T READ THESE BOOKS!

  1. That was a good one, R J!! I was really getting worried that I’d opened a bad email and kept looking back at the top to see who really sent it!!
    I’m not good with April Fool’s jokes because I get easily duped😜!
    Hope all is well with you – looks like it is if you had time to post this👍.


  2. Ugh. I read Heartsick and the Hotline Girl and was SO disappointed. Who is this terrible author? I need to make sure none of my friends read her books.

    KIDDING. Love you, RJ. ❤


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