A Boxcar Children Movie Sequel

My daughters, who I homeschool, both adore The Boxcar Children.  The oldest, especially, can’t get enough of them.

There was a cute animated movie made about the first book, and a sequel is in the works.  The producers are looking for a voice actor for a smaller role!  My girls both entered the competition and need your votes.

You can vote for both of them once a day for the next 2 days, I believe.  They are both easy to spot because they’re wearing butterfly masks (Trying to give them some Internet privacy since the rules stated I had to upload their adorable videos on Youtube.)

Please help us out!  🙂

Vote here: https://www.facebook.com/BoxcarChildren/app/403834839671843?brandloc=DISABLE&app_data=chk-590bcacbca4bd

4 thoughts on “A Boxcar Children Movie Sequel

  1. Did it! Some of those kids have mega votes, though. Kind of intimidating. But I did what I could for now. Maybe a good idea for you to post the link again tomorrow so we can all swoop back through and vote again. I hope they get picked for it ~ they’d be terrific!


    • I know it. I absolutely despise popular vote contests. Some kid always is more popular. Doesn’t seem fair. 😦 I wish the producers would just pick their favorite.

      Thank you for voting!!


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