The Popcorn Prince

Hello, readers!

If you’re looking for no-sex-scenes romances that are safe for your summer, look no further!  I’m going to be posting a couple on my blog in the next 2 weeks.  I have not personally read any of these books I’ll be sharing, but I look forward to hopefully picking a few up myself.  They all come from my Clean Romance Facebook group, so they come with a no-sex-scenes promise.  ❤

Today, I’d like to share with you The Popcorn Prince.

The Popcorn Prince is a loosely based Cinderella story—If Cinderella accidentally leaves behind a bottle of half-eaten Buffalo Bills hot sauce for the prince to find.

Amy has officially put dating on the back burner after a string of noncommittal relationships. But when she accidentally brushes her hand against a handsome stranger’s one night at a movie theater, her heart decides it has other plans—until she realizes her handsome prince brings a new girl to the theater almost every weekend. This doesn’t stop her from admiring him from afar, while she and her twin brother make up outlandish stories about him every time he comes to the theater. But when their worlds collide, she needs to decide if she will open her heart and take another chance on a man, or push him away after she’s done with his services.

Steven has waited months to ask out a girl he’s only had a few brief interactions with. But every time he tries, she runs away from him. His coworkers step in with a plan to put his bachelor days behind him. But the fun and games come with a price tag, as his Cinderella stands to lose something much more valuable than a glass slipper.



Author Bio:

Johanna Evelyn graduated from the school of hard knocks with a degree in “I Survived My Twenties.” She loves all things rocks, the ocean, singing, reading, service, gardening, food, finding cures for rare incurable diseases (through raising awareness, Go PSC!), and writing. She gets most of her book ideas from dreams then adds a little of herself to every story.

She is afraid to admit she doesn’t like dogs, but tolerates cats, and watches more I shouldn’t be alive, and untold stories of the ER, than is probably good for her dramatic sensibilities.

She is the mother of six children who keep her on her toes most of the time. And the wife to a man who doesn’t understand why she’s always trying to change the endings of the movies she doesn’t like, or reading the last page of the book before deciding to read it.

You can learn more about her and her newest stories at

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