My Fault on Sale!

2DGuys, my quirky Christian rom-com with a very Shawn-from-Psych-like character is on sale for 99 cents for the next two weeks ONLY. 🙂


After what felt like an entire month, and after whistling “Yankee Doodle Came to Town” thirty-three times, the door finally jerked open, and a nurse helped Grayson hobble in.

“Thanks. I can get it from here,” I piped up, jumping to grab the heavy door, giving Grayson my widest Joker-like grin. “Hi!”

He stopped short with a small gasp, as if I had really been Batman’s nemesis and leaped out at him. “Cleo.”

I still couldn’t read his expression. His face was always as still as murky lake water. He kept his feelings deep under the algae, so to speak.

“Yeah, it’s me. Disappointed?”

The nurse shuffled away, calling to a “Larhonda” to get someone named “Clifford” his meds. My mind flashed to the big red dog.

He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and then focused on the speckled linoleum at his feet. “I… I thought I said you didn’t have to come anymore.”

I held the door with a foot and reached for his arm, pulling him hopping into the room. “Yeah, I’m a bad listener. Seriously. I forget stuff. So… I probably forgot.”

“Probably?” He cocked an eyebrow. After his last hobble, he ended up right in front of me, back slumped over the crutches, eyes lowered to mine.

My hands were around one of his arms and, even though they were probably softer than my athletic brother’s biceps – being an indoor student-type of guy and all – they still struck me as seriously masculine and solid. I gulped. “Yeah. Probably.” My voice dropped off, staring into his ginormous blue eyes.

Those eyes jumped back and forth between mine and he flushed slightly. Trying to twist backward, he moved his arm out from under my small hands. He tried to shut the door with his shoulder, and fumbled. Dropping a crutch, he wobbled, and I jumped into action.

As I chucked my arms around his waist, I planted my feet. “Woah, hold on!” I scrunched my eyes shut tight and buried my face in his chest, holding him up as well as my short frame possibly could. The guy was like six foot. We were probably going down. I held my breath.

But when I realized he wasn’t falling, and instead had steadied himself, and that we were standing wax-figure-still without making a sound, I slowly relaxed. Once again, I was slapped across the heart with the discovery that it had been absolutely ages since I had hugged such a sturdy male frame. Sure felt good.

So maybe I kind of didn’t let go right away.


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