To Court a Queen

Guys, I always buy what H.L. Burke writes.

They’re clean, pretty family-friendly, and tons of original fun.  Heidi comes up with amazing plots and characters every time.  There are no H.L. Burke dud books.  Each one is pretty fantastic stuff.

Check out her latest, and pre-orders are up!


He doesn’t want to get married, but he wants to be a frog even less.

To Court a Queen_Internet Use(1)

Knight errant, Devin, takes a shortcut through the woods, only to be captured by fairy forces. The fairy queen has run out of breathing males to fight for her hand, and Devin, while not ideal fairy stock, is breathing–for now.

Telling a vain fairy queen you’d rather not be her one true love is a ticket to life on a lilypad, so the knight agrees to face three challenges to win Queen Agalea’s hand. When a clever servant girl offers to help him navigate the trials in order to stop the constant bloodshed of the courtship ritual, Devin jumps at the chance. However, as he balances “flirting” with his “beloved” and overcoming tasks specifically designed to kill him, he finds his heart drawn to his new partner in survival.


H.L. Burke is the author of multiple fantasy novels including the Dragon and the ScholarHeidi-107 saga and The Nyssa Glass YA Steampunk series and Coiled. She is an admirer of the whimsical, a follower of the Light, and a believer in happily ever after.

H.L.’s social media links: (for random snarkiness and occasional book snippets) (for longer form random snarkiness, occasional book snippets, and #dailydragon posts where she shares her favorite dragon related finds)
Her website (and mailing list) for news and deals
my instagram for #TheodoretheDragon awesomness
and her reader group if you want to be the first to hear about beta and ARC reading opportunities as well as her day to day struggles and weekly live videos.

4 thoughts on “To Court a Queen

  1. Hallo, Hallo,..

    I’ve decided to take a random route into the book blogosphere lately – esp on the footheels of hosting #WyrdAndWonder where I had my love of Fantasy on display for the month — one of the stories I was most eagerly awaiting to read and happily devoured was this one “To Court A Queen”!! I throroughly loved being inside this world and would readily return if Ms Burke decides to re-visit the characters or see what has been evolving since we left!!

    If you want to drop by and see what I had to say it was one of my #mustread finds for the month!!

    Ooh as this was a moment of discovery for me attached through #ReviewPit, I am definitely going to be gathering more books by Ms Burke!! I have felt this way about a lot of the writers i was reading this month but its like you said – she writes clean & wicked good heartfelt stories which give you a boost of JOY whilst your reading them! The best #bookHUG in Fantasy, really!

    Plus, her knack for wit and humour is just bang-on brilliant!


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