WINNER of the RJ Conte Flash Fiction Contest!


RJ's Themed Flash Contest (2)

The official winner of the RJ Conte’s Flash Fiction Contest is…

AMY CURTIS with her entry of “PEACH FUZZ.”

She will win $100 and her flash fiction piece published right here on the blog within the week.

Thank you to all the participants, to all the judges, and to everyone who made this a success. All of the entries were fantastic – there wasn’t a single dud among them.

Because I’ve entered my own fair share of contests, and know that often you send a precious work of fiction out into the ether, don’t win, and never hear another word about it, I’ve always resolved to do contests differently (this is my second fiction contest I’ve held). I asked all the judges to return their scores with a word of positive feedback, so everyone who entered, be watching your inboxes this week. The judges had high praise for all of you to encourage you to continue on your writing journey.

And please enter next time! I’ll announce the new flash fiction topic and be looking for new judges in the spring!


I want to hear from you!

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