New Novel from RJ Conte – The End of the Dream!

The End of the Dream is here!!!The End of the Dream_KINDLE


My next full length novel (Been three years since you got one of those from me!), which is Christian, issue-driven, YA romance (with a twist, of course!) is available on!

And please come to the celebration Facebook party, June 7th, at 6 PM PST!  Joining me will be authors Bethany A. Jennings, Kara Swanson, Kimberly Rae, and aspiring mangaka Laura A. Grace.

The End of the Dream blurb:

Ash, the mysterious new guy in town, is everything Vivien is not: friendly, cheerful, and carefree, with a deep Christian faith.

Vivien doesn’t understand why Ash would choose her as a friend, but as a shy, reclusive teen with an absent father and airhead stepmom, she is drawn to him. She even gets to join him in fulfilling his special “Summer Can’t Suck” activities list.

But when she finds herself falling for him, Ash begins to reveal suspicious gaps in his memory. Things are not adding up…

Purchase for Kindle and paperback HERE!

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