Beatitudes and Woes

Guys, guys, guys!

Remember how I told you I had written a short story, set in a Hawaii-type island nation called The Tears of the Emperor?  The anthology is HERE!


Each of the stories, all written by authors from my Realm Makers group, correlate to the beatitudes in Matthew and the woes in Luke – all with a speculative (sci-fi or fantasy) bent!  I’m so excited!

My story is on “Blessed are they that mourn” – no surprise, eh?  😛  And it’s about a new, young emperor who is under a sort of curse: the first time he is called upon by the priests to cry, God washes the nation clean of sin.  This could mean new missionaries arriving on the island or a tsunami wiping out half his population.  But the unbelievers will be judged when he cries his first tear.  And his sister is living life as a prodigal.  Will she be safe from the upcoming potential destruction?  He sets off on a mission to find her and plead with her to repent.

I can’t wait to read ALL the stories for myself!  You can pre-order your copy here.

Please follow our illustrious publisher, Travis Perry from Bear Publications on for more news on the anthology!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Beatitudes and Woes

    • Oh very good question… I’m not sure paperbacks are available yet. I might be able to snag you one at Realm Makers if you want. Or you could wait for the paperbacks to become available. I can post when they’re up.


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