The Color Orange

I existed in a world without orange

Eyes soothed, rainbows and hues
But no orange

Then that first fateful epiphany
When I realized the seating, excruciating sight
That filled my mind

Gasping, sobbing, reeling, falling
With orange

But back to peace, solace, rest
Pastels floating behind my eyelids
Bringing a new pure breath of air

But now I have a condition
Born of bitter sedition
Because represented by the concept of rejection
Is the color orange

Now I see it everywhere
Even where it’s not
Deep in those branches?
Or behind that window shade?
Is that glint in her eye
A hint of orange?

The hardened mock me – they say most shades have a tinge of orange
The cynics teach “burnt sienna,” “tan,” and “peach” I never saw before

But I don’t want to be like them
Seeing my world
In shades of orange

Yet she didn’t return my call
He didn’t invite me to to come
They didn’t remember the date

And I think I still wonder
Suspicious and broken

Are you too wearing orange?

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