Internal ecstasy when I see your dimples

Flushed with pride and gratitude when your little voice sings

Excited further when I impart knowledge

Yet open my mouth and my tongue stings

I watch the tears like little mirrors

Reflect myself back like sun burning my eyes

Even when I hush and whisper, “I love you”

You only hear what you want to hear

Do you see my every scold and not my lavish praise?

Can I be even clearer on how you’re adored?

Does my mistaken harshness once in a while

Negate the crown of love placed on your brow

The kisses on your heated cheeks as you sleep?

I will try harder until I die

To do right by you and cultivate your heart

Whether I’m the misunderstood villain in your own tragic story

I’ll say it again, “I love you, my child.”


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