This Could Be

This could be fun

Frosty faces and Rudolph noses

Evergreen aroma filling the head

Long bumpy road trips through snowy mountains

But you’re upset with me


This could be joy

Tight-packed shopping

Surprise delight and perfect wrapped gifts

Dimly lit restaurants and candlelight

But you’re frustrated


This could be momentous

First steps and long-distance phone calls

Lit up chubby cheeks and monosyllables

Cheering cries of greeting

But you are stubbornly angry


This could bring life

The splintering cross hung high in front

The hushed songs of worship

The tears of conviction, the smiles of encouragement

But you turned your back on God


This all could be

It’s yours as a luxury full of sparkles and gold

We’ve opened our hands, faces full of hope

Take it, receive, now the knee

Please don’t walk away


I want to hear from you!

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